Video/Audio Samples

Theresa & Alex Wedding & Reception

Your Self Series - Website Video

Wedding Video by Souder Productions

Tomlinson House Cleaning - TV Commercial

World Christian Broadcasting - "Pierce the Darkness"

Heath & Heather Photo Montage

Like Strangers - Goodbye Baby (Live at the Basement - Nashville_

Like Strangers - When the Lights Go Down (Live at the Basement - Nashville)

Nashville Irish Step Dancers 2015 - Bridge Attack

Hispanic Wedding Reception

Catholic Wedding Video

The Fellowship of the Unashamed

Nashville Inner City Ministry - "The Time Is Now"


World Christian Broadcasting - "Complete the Vision"

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc.

Sumner Academy - Inside the Classroom

Souder & Friends No. 80 - "Christmas Memories"

Morning Star Sanctuary - Reflections on Domestic Violence

Milnar Organ Company

"Saved" - Stegmann's School of Performing Arts

Goodpasture Football - Yes!, But So Much More!

Attorney Luvell Glanton - Truck Accident Commercial

Wedding Video by Souder Productions

Wedding Video Samples

Wedding Samples (One Camera Outdoor, Two Cameras Indoor w/Robotic Camera)

Creator's Kids Children's Video Series

Souder & Friends - "Human Bottle Opener"

Souder & Friends - "Shampoo Chickens"

Souder & Friends Radio - "Gareth the Flutist"

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Souder & Friends Radio - "Jukebox Jim"

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Easter Sunday on KNLS Radio

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